The VOSS company was founded as a smithy in 1857. In addition to hoofing and the production of trailers, VOSS carried out all the work on agricultural equipment.

In 1946 Hermann Voss, the forging engineer, took over the business and, from 1950 onwards, expanded the services to sell agricultural machinery and tractors.

With the invention of the first bed-grubbing-plow for the attachement to tractors, he succeeded in the mechanization of tree farming in 1956.

For the first time, the loosening and harvesting of young plants, which had hitherto only been carried out by hand, was carried out mechanically. This grubbing-plow was protected by two patents for many years. The plows were manufactured up to and including 1968 and distributed both on the domestic as well as on various export markets.

Due to the expansion of business activities in the agricultural and tree-farming sector, the production and further development of special equipment from a personnel and spatial perspective was no longer possible.

In 1987 Hans-Jürgen Voss took over the company in the fifth generation. In the meantime, as there was a considerable structural change in agriculture and tree farming companies, the sale and repair of municipal machines and compact tractors has additionally been included.

Municipal users pointed out the law prohibiting the use of herbicides for combating wild-grass on public areas and looked for practical substitute solutions.

Thereupon the reflections began to develop mechanically working devices for these purposes. Here, the experience in agricultural and tree-farming machines was just as helpful as the close contact with municipalities.

In 1988 we were able to develop the hedgehog-rotor to the standard production stage and to produce the first devices in close cooperation with the cemetery administrations and municipalities. This is the foundation of today’s business focus.

The problems and concerns of our customers have always motivated us to look for technical solutions. The result is robust, simple and easy-to-use devices with a range of technical features.

They enable high surface performance with very good working quality and low maintenance costs.

We are always open to the needs of our customers and are committed to developing and delivering the devices needed to solve problems in the future.

Product development


Development of the first hedgehog rotor for the mechanical control of wild weeds on water-bound surfaces


Exhibition “Areal in Cologne”: Presentation of the hedgehog IG 120 N standard series


Hedgehog-rotor IG 70 for single-axle operation


Hedgehog-rotor IG 120 S and 150 S (heavy duty series) for use on hard floors


Leaf rake, hydraulically foldable, for front attachment to municipal tractors Spring tine leveler FZE 120 and FZE 150 for the maintenance of water-bound ceilings and drained surfaces


Fair “Galabau in Nuremberg”: Award of the feather tine leveler with the “MEDAL OF INNOVATION GALABAU 1992”


Testing and approval of hedgehog rotor and feather tine leveler by the Biological Bureau in Brunswick (BBA) as the first devices on the market for mechanical wild grass control on water-bound surfaces and drained surfaces


Wild-grass brush “Sweeper” Take over from the company Paul and further development of the device


Transport container for front and rear assembly and transport pallet with 4 standard waste bins for the separate waste disposal in the rear-mounted municipal lorries


Wild-grass harrow WKE 060 and WKE 080 for single-axle operation for wild grass control on cemetery roads


Spring tine leveler: new series with larger working widths FZE 1100, 1300, 1600, 1800, 2000 and 2200, cutting knife with automatic external body protection, stronger base frame and larger rollers


WKP 130 and WKP 150 for large paving surfaces in the front and rear attachment of municipal tractors


Wild-grass harrow WKE 130 and WKE 150 for extreme growth on water-bound paths


Drainage areas and path renovator TWR 1300 and TWR 1600 for the restoration of water-bound tracts and paths


Wild-grass harrow WKE 600, WKE 800 and WKE 1000 with new designs and adjustable side knife for working with single-axle vehicles on park and cemetery paths


Wild-grass cleaner WKP 800 and WKP 900 with mixing bristles and special shape of the brush holder for complete overlapping of the surface to be machined and a chassis for the central height adjustment


Wild-grass cleaner WKP 1100 and WKP 1450 for large paving surfaces with parallelogram suspension and pendulum compensation for optimal ground adjustment, mechanical support pressure adjustment, mixing bristles and special brush plate form for complete overlapping of the surface to be treated